USAA Routing Numbers for Wire USAA Federal Saving Bank

USAA federal bank like all banks offer routing numbers for specific facilities to be used. Each user gets their routing number based on the branch location from where they first opened the account from. To know more about USAA fsb services one must know what are routing numbers.

USSA Routing Numbers

USSA Routing number is a nine digit code that a bank provides. It is commonly used in America more than other states. It helps the user in making transactions, deposits, transfers and much more depending on what the bank offers.

Routing numbers are also known as ABA numbers or transit numbers or RTN. Many times while using online transfer, routing numbers is asked to be given. Routing numbers make the transfer of funds easier and faster from one region to another. Different routing numbers for each region is used for the same reason that it makes fund transfer, transactions and deposits much faster than before.

Routing number have become necessary for online transfers and are must mentioned on banks official check book leaves on the bottom left corner before the account number.


USAA FSB is mentioned in the Americas top most demanded banks. They provide flexible, easy and variety of services that attract its customers. USAA bank has a knack of choosing programs that will benefit their customer first rather than themselves.

USAA routing numbers are as mentioned standard requirement for funds transfer. USAA FSB uses routing numbers for investments, subsidiaries, facilities and insurances for different programs.

USAA also has a mobile application for google and android that helps in online bill payments, funds transfer and transactions. By using the routing number you can send funds through mobile application from home as well.

Routing numbers are mentioned on the bottom left side of the check or you can see them at their website. On checks first routing number than account number and lastly the check number is mentioned.

USAA Federal Saving Bank Customer Support Contact

You can also get your own routing number from the bank itself from their customer service.

USAA routing number: 314074269

USAA website:

Customer service: 1-800-531-8722

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