TD Routing Number of Toronto Dominion Bank

Are you a customer of  TD (Toronto) bank? Are you looking for TD routing number for bank wire ? Then you came to the right place. TD Toronto bank is a multinational bank with its branches spread throughout the states. It has three main branches that overlook all the others. These are in Toronto, Canada and Ontario. It is ranked as the tenth top bank in North America. It has splendid customer service and very flexible programs for its customers. It is one of the most demanded banks in America (Florida, Maryland & Brooklyn ny). It is also the 19th ranked bank by Forbes.

Find the TD Toronto Dominion Bank useful information related to routing number (EFT) = 000410102, Transit Number = 10102, Financial Institution = 004 and MICR Code = 10102-004.

Obviously as a bank Toronto Dominion or TD bank has a routing number. If you are new to this then you should know what these routing number are. Routing number are unique to every bank and every branch of any bank depending on region. They are used in online transaction or electronic checks etc.

These routing numbers are also know as transit numbers. On the electronic check of TD bank you can see the routing number or ABA number printed. Before anything just check the bottom left side of your check. You can also confirm your local number through that.

If you ask for that then first the routing number then the check number is given first then then the branch transit number then the financial institution number then the designation number and at last you are given the account number.

Now TD bank has over 1000 branches in the states and worldwide. As mentioned that each region has its own unique routing number. Firstly you must know the location of your branch then you can locate their ABA number from the list below.

Firstly for domestic wire transfer there is a standard routing number used. It applies to all states. The number is 031101266.

TD Bank Routing Number Online Check

If you want to confirm your routing number or your region was not mentioned above then just visit the link below and you can find your number on the official list provided by TD bank.


You can also obtain the complete details of a particular branch from their official website. It helps you find transit numbers, institute number, MICR code and you can find the routing number from that as well. By visiting that page you can also get a list of services provided in your particular region or branch with special offer etc. you can avail further services from there as well.

TD Routing Number List


 011103093 Connecticut
011400071  New Hampshire
 021302567  New York-Upstate New-York or former Bank north customers
 031201360  Delaware-New Jersey
 026013673  Metro NYC
 067014822  Florida
 211370545  Massachusetts/Rhode Island
 011600033  Vermont
 036001808  Pennsylvania
 053902197 South Carolina/North Carolina

TD Bank Contact Number

If you still cannot find your routing number then there is no need to worry. Just dial the Toronto Dominion bank customer service center and they will let you know your routing number or transit number.

Customer service Toronto Dominion bank: 1-888-751-9000

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